Tuesday, February 17, 2004


Well, I've spent about a day trying to find a comment system that meets my needs. No luck. I did try enetation because they have a free system so I could try it for a while to see if I liked it before going to the trouble of getting a paypal account to pay for it. I actually had it installed and running for about ten minutes. Hopefully no one left a comment in that time, because I cancelled it. At the top of the comments pop-up they print a message something like "Please donate to us and get better service." Many readers would think it was me begging or that a donation somehow benefited me. And there was no warning on the enetation pages that they would do this (I expected some sort of advertising, but not something deceptive and embarrassing). I think they were dishonest and I'm not going to ever do business with the company. Oh well, the system didn't look that great anyway. Worse, when I wanted to complain, there was no way to send email to the company. That's so obnoxious I'd boycott them for that if nothing else. It's like not having a postal address because you don't want to be bothered with mail from your customers.

I have several of these one-man boycotts going. I know they don't really accomplish anything, but if everyone did it, it would do lots of good. There are always politicians and pressure groups trying to pass regulations or sue companies into behaving, but if people would just refuse to do business with companies that behave badly, we wouldn't need any of those coercive measures.

Hey! This is my first use of the blog just to vent because I'm frustrated. And it did make me feel better.

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