Monday, April 26, 2004

any takers?

I received the following email transcript from a despondent Zantar who is just trying to be a stand-up guy. I can't answer his question. Would anyone else like to try?

Try to show a little interest in what they feel is important, and you end up being the bad guy.

Doc, please explain women to me.
Zan:So just how many pairs of shoes does a woman need?
Kelli:Need and want are TWO different things. I got this pair of really cute sandals with pink straps and 3" wedge heels. The girls at work are just dying to go get a pair (well not literally dying, 'cuz then they couldn't wear them!) :)
Zan:Wow. They sound really cute! I'm just dying to know what outfit you wore with them. Pants, skirt, dress? And if there is *any* way you could email me a picture, I would really appreciate it. Is there *any* way I could buy a pair here, or on-line? What other shoes did you buy? You have such wonderful taste. Please describe every pair for me!
Kelli:Ha, ha, very funny, NOT!! Men?!!

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