Thursday, April 08, 2004

Barber and Rice

La Shawn Barber is all over the people who have trashed Condoleezza Rice. Go get 'em!

I'm one of the many people who would kind of like to see Bush name Rice has his running mate this time around. Not that I have anything against Cheney politically, but his heart condition really troubles me. I hate to disqualify someone for a job for something like that, but the whole point of a vice president is to be there in case the president is killed or incapacitated, and you don't want someone with a heart condition in that role.

Ms. Rice is articulate, intelligent, female, and black --the Democrat's worst nightmare (kind of like La Shawn). She puts the lie to the Democratic propoganda that blacks and women need the Democrats to succeed. There are problems with a Rice VP, of course. She hasn't been a governor. That's pretty important experience for a president. She hasn't run for office before and she could turn out to be lousy at it. More importantly from my perspective, I believe she is pro-abortion and is socially liberal in other areas. I'm not interested in helping the Republican party to gain power just to have power. If they aren't working towards good ends, I'm not supporting them. But it sure would cause some fun panic in the Democratic party...

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