Sunday, April 18, 2004

Biker terrorist!

OK, maybe I should have said "bicycler terrorist" to avoid a potential misunderstanding. Or perhaps even "bicycler vandal" to be really precise but it's politically motivated bicycler vandalism, dammit. Those power-mad pedaling pinheads have been no end of trouble to us responsible muscle-car drivers.

When I lived in Tucson, many miles of perfectly good 4-lane road was converted to 2-lane road to accommodate bike paths in one of the worst road decisions I've ever seen. They nearly doubled the commute time for thousands of people in order to make life more convenient for a couple of dozen people (if that many -- I seldom saw two bicyclers in a day). To do it, they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of money, mostly paid by the people who were hurt by the change rather than by the people who benefited. That's democracy in action in a leftist city.

Oh, and while I'm on stupid traffic decisions: when you make a wrong turn and want to make a U-turn to correct it, why is there always, I mean always a no-U-turn sign at the first (and often the second) intersection? It's uncanny. Or deliberate. Yesterday I made a wrong turn. I went to the first intersection and got in a line of four cars in the left-turn lane. There was a no U-turn sign as I had expected so I had to make a left and dodge through a parking lot to get back going the other way. Of the four cars in the left-turn lane, three of us were doing exactly that. If the sample is representative, 75% of the people who use the left-turn lane at that light want to make a U-turn and they can't do it because some of some evil, sadistic city employee. I'm telling you, whoever puts up road signs looks for place where people are likely to make wrong turns and they put up no-U-turn signs to make the error as painful as possible. Bastards.

UPDATE: forgot to credit shot by both sides for the link.

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