Friday, April 09, 2004

don't go wobbly now

People seem to be greatly worried about what's going on in Iraq right now and I don't understand why. Isn't the resistance we are seeing now exactly what people expected from the beginning? I know I did. I know all my liberal friends did (One of the most hypocritical features of the leftwing whining in the last year is the way they agonized over each minor incident as though it were the end of the world, even though things were going far better than they had predicted). So now comes the real resistance, the resistance that everyone should have been expecting all along. And we have to deal with it. That's what the military is there for.

Did we forget why they were there? Did we start to think that they were just there to build schools and give toys to children and show the Iraqis what nice guys American's are? Then why did they have those assault rifles? No, those American military folks are over there to kill the enemy. They've had a period when business was slow, but that's just because the enemy was in hiding (a case of being so good at business, business went away). But now that the enemy has come out into the open, they can be efficiently dispatched. And that's a good thing.

I don't want to sound too callous. Of course I care about the soldiers and marines who will die in this conflict (or be maimed). I regret the poor foolish Iraqis who get caught up in this and get hurt or killed. Of course I wish we could avoid the inevitable civilian casualties. I, like most Americans, want peace, not war. But we are at war and we need to prosecute it as efficiently as possible. We need to exploit our strengths, and one of our strengths is overwhelming firepower, so it is to our advantage when the enemy comes out into the open as they are doing now. This is a sign of their desperation, not of our defeat, and it is counterproductive to be talking about defeat at this point.

This isn't trouble. The Germans and Japanese in WWII were trouble. The Chinese in the Korean war were trouble. It has been so long since America has seen real trouble, and they are so condition by the press-inflated reports of trouble that began in Vietnam that we tend to get panicky over what are really quite minor events. The only way we can lose here is the way we lost in Vietnam, that is by having our will sucked away by the traitors in our midst. They are the real danger here, not that neurasthenic pipsqueak Sadr.

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