Tuesday, April 20, 2004

free speech for me but not for thee

I was going to fisk this unbelievably stupid and bigoted leftist screed, but I'm getting too depressed to bother. Read it for yourself. What can I say to make him look worse than he already does? Or don't. Reading modern leftwing blogs is like reading Civil War pro-slavery literature or Nazi propaganda or Communist propaganda. It leaves you feeling depressed, empty, a bit contaminated. You end up not knowing whether to feel sorry for these poor deluded morons or be angry at them for their hatred and bitterness and their lies aimed at destroying freedom and condemning all of us to slavery. Yes, slavery, I mean that literally. Read the article carefully and you will see that he is saying that some of us, most of us actually, just can't be trusted to hold our own opinions. Anyway, I'm through with political rants for a while.

The twentieth century was characterized by a titanic struggle between freedom and slavery. The peoples of Russia and Eastern Europe were slaves for much of that period, held against their will and forced to work for those who controlled the army. The left was actively and enthusiastically on the side of the slavers throughout that period. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot; the American and European left embraced each of these genocidal maniacs as great leaders and saviors of mankind. They gave similar treatment to a dozen other communist and socialist thugs.

They would have us believe that they care about civil rights and freedom, but look at the rights and freedoms they defend and those they don't think are worth defending. Freedom of speech? Only if you don't say anything critical of any left-leaning voting or funding block. The right to work where and how you choose? Only if you follow a thousand regulations and there are no people from more preferred classes who want the job and you don't under-bid any union workers (or minimum-wage workers) and you give a big chunk of your money to those who chose not to work. The freedom to live where you want? Only if you don't disturb any owls or out-bid the renters who already lived there or build cheap housing in a place with lots of rich Democrats. The right to practice your religion? If your religion treats women as second-class citizens and murders them for the offense of having been raped, if it burns homosexuals, if it teaches eternal war against people of all other religions, that's OK. You get the "religion of peace" medal. You get to have your religion discussed approvingly in schools. If your religion was the single greatest force in modern equality for women but it doesn't think women should be elders, if you believe in loving all people --even sinners-- and that homosexual sodomy is a sin, and if you believe it is your responsibility to explain your beliefs to others and allow them to freely choose whether or not to believe, then that's barbaric. You get the "woman-hating, homophobic bastards trying to force your religion down everyone's throat" award. You need to have all evidence of your religion scrubbed from public life and it certainly has no place even being mentioned in a public school.

Oh, but they defend all kinds of freedoms, right? The freedom to engage in homosexual sodomy is their biggest. How could a civil society exist without three percent of the men buggering each other? The freedom of women to murder their unborn children. That's one people have fought and died for, all right. The freedom of under-age girls to murder their unborn children without even talking to the baby's grandparents about it. It's not like anyone could expect a young girl's parents to really care about her life after all and the girl's potential embarrassment is so much more important than having loving advice over the most important decision of her young life. The freedom to view pornography. That's what make life worth living. The freedom to practice homeopathic medicine (also known as witchcraft) in a hospital to help persuade gullible people that you are legitimate. Who needs all that judgmental scientific method?

OK, now I'm through with political rants for a while.

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