Saturday, April 17, 2004

Jamie Gorelick

As various sources have noted, Jamie Gorelick a member of the 9/11 commission, has a serious conflict of interest --there are policies she set up and events she was involved in that need to be investigated by the commission. Various people have called for her resignation from the committee and Kos and Atrios haven't had anything to say about it. This is another difference I've noted between the conservative blogs and the leftist ones: when the left accuses the right of something, the right always responds. When the right accuses the left of something, the left often ignores it. It's a good strategy on their part, of course. They control the major media so they can keep people from hearing the accusation. By responding they give accusation wider play.

However, besides being a good strategy, it is also a cynical one. It says that they don't actually have to defend their beliefs, all they have to do is prevent people from hearing critics of their beliefs. It also gives the lie to their insistence that the media is not biased in their favor (or the grotesque claim by some that the media is actually biased the other way) -- if the media were not on their side, this tactic could not possibly work.

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