Thursday, April 08, 2004

Kennedy's timing

By now, everyone has heard of Senator Kennedy's speech where he said Iraq is Bush's Vietnam. I think the timing is interesting. With the Fallujah operation and Sadr's rebellion happening at the same time, Kennedy went public to tell everyone what a failure Bush is and to openly compare the situation to Vietnam where America was (according to the liberal revisionism) defeated by guerilla resistance. So what are Sadr and the Fallujah rioters hearing here? They are hearing one of the most powerful Americans in the opposition party telling them:
You are causing trouble for Bush! Keep up the riots and the resistance and I will do my best to exploit this violence to defeat Bush. We Americans can't handle the trouble you are causing us, keep it up and we will retreat. Kill more Iraqis, blow up more buildings, loot more clinics, kill more American soldiers; do all of that and I will use it. I will tell America to flee and abandon the people of Iraq to the thugs like we did in Vietnam, in Lebanon, in Mogadishu. Like we did the first time we invaded Iraq. Like my own brother did in Cuba at the Bay of Pigs. We, the Democratic party have a long history of using the violence of thugs as an excuse to flee and leave the innocent to the mercies of those same thugs. We're on your side. Help us defeat Bush in this election and we'll give you what you want: a free hand to murder, rape and pillage.
Is this an accident? I don't think so. I don't think Kennedy or Howard Dean or John Kerry can be so dense that they fail to understand that when they carp about every problem and display horror at every death, they just encourage the thugs in Iraq to cause more problems and death. No, I think they are doing it deliberately. Each prediction of failure leads to more trouble and each bit of trouble leads to more predictions of failure. They are involved in an implicit conspiracy with the enemies of civilization.

UPDATE: Removed Iran as one of the examples of the US abandoning people. I was mixing this list up with another list I compiled -- Democrat foreign policy victories.

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