Tuesday, April 13, 2004

the left is getting ready for the next phase in Iraq

Kos is trying to preload a negative story for the left to use when Bush officially turns power over to the Iraqis. Of course their main hope is that Bush will have to delay the turnover so they can accuse Bush (again) of colonialism. Then, whenever the takeover finally takes place they will say that Bush was forced into it by the national and world outcry. But what if it goes through on schedule? The left has to have something else to criticize Bush for, and here is Kos's plan:
So you're a war supporter, and Iraq is going to hell. You want to pull the troops out, but doing so might require admitting defeat. And admitting defeat would mean that the bloodbath in Iraq was all for naught.
What to do? Easy.

Blame Iraqis. Talk about how the US came in, altruistic at heart, hoping to spread "freedom" to the Iraqi people. And then, pointing to the current broad-based rebellion, screech about how "ungrateful" the Iraqis are to the US for bringing said "freedom" to the country.

And then cut tail and run.

Watch the Right. It's gonna happen.
So if the turn-over takes place on schedule, the left will claim that we are cutting tail and running, abandoning Iraq to her fate. They won't be able to quote any war supporters talking about how ungrateful the Iraqis are to the US, but they will claim it's being said anyway, and by sheer repetition will cause many people to take it for granted (just like the "Bush lied" lie). Then any rebellions that take place afterward will be blamed on the US for turning over control to an unready and unpopular government.

Watch the Left. It's gonna happen.

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