Thursday, April 29, 2004

say it ain't so, George

There are only two areas where I have any confidence left in George Bush. One is in his appointment of judges and the other is in his handling of the war on terror. But if this is true, I'm going to start doubting him in that area too. The article claims that the U.S. has reached an agreement that will have the marines pulling out and leaving the town to a force of 1100 under the leadership of a former general in Saddam's army.

Up to now, I've been defending the actions in Fallujah. I haven't been worried about slow progress there because this is the sort of thing you expect when you occupy another country. But I can't see any way to interpret this except as a concession to the bad guys. They can't seriously expect a contingent of 1100 Iraqis to even try to assault a fortified position manned by 2000 other Iraqis. It looks like they are just turning the town over to the Baathists. If we leave Fallujah under control of one of their own, we leave the rebels alive and free to regroup, reequip and recruit, then attack us again in a time and place of their choosing. I can't say how much I'm hoping I'm wrong about this, but Bush has a long history of disappointing me.

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