Thursday, April 29, 2004

they actually are interested in the other side

From yahoo news: Survey: Arabs Are Watching U.S. TV Channel Alhurra
The results showed Alhurra -- in its first two months -- is being watched by an average 29 percent of the satellite-equipped households in seven countries, including a high of 44 percent in Kuwait and a low of 18 percent in Egypt.
I wonder how this news is going over among the anti-American types who like to quote polls showing how hated America is. Of course people who only hear one side of the story are going to sympathize with that side. Now that they are hearing the other side, it will be interesting to see how opinions change.

One thing though: are any conservatives monitoring the program so that we will know when it gets taken over by anti-American leftists? This has been the fate of every other government-sponsored media outlet in every democracy in the world. Eventually it will be the fate of Alhurra as well.

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