Tuesday, May 25, 2004

blame Jerry Falwell for anti-Semitism

In the previous post, I suggested that the reason anti-Semitism is becoming more tolerated in the US is because Jews no longer vote and contribute overwhelmingly for the Democratic party. It's worth pointing out that you can probably blame Jerry Falwell for this. He was instrumental in making strong support for Israel a major part of the Republican party platform. The Republicans had always supported Israel, but as a minor issue. Falwell made this one of the primary issues of the Moral Majority and spoke about the Christian duty to Israel all over the country for a decade. Falwell also reached out to conservative Jews to bring them into the Republican party.

The legacy of Falwell's efforts was a growing movement of Jews toward the Republicans, leading to a more evening-out of the voting patterns, the creation of the new Jewish-Republican cabal known as the neocons, and the loss of leftist-protected-class status for Jews. Once Jews became unpredictable voters, the Democrats and their lackys in the press lost interest in ferreting out and punishing all hints of anti-Semitism. And this new lack of vigilance on the part of the national press has allowed anti-Semitism to grow and re-establish itself in dark niches of the political biosphere (polysphere?).

Like a fungus, it will spread if steps are not taken to stamp it out. And those steps can only be taken by the controllers of popular culture in the news and entertainment media. As long as these media are controlled by Democrats, there will be no serious action taken, and the fungus will continue to spread.

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