Sunday, May 23, 2004

Bush, UNSCAM and Mozilla

My browser (Mozilla) has taken a dislike to my website. If I delete history and cache, it will visit it once or twice but then it gets nasty and starts telling me " '/' not found" and I can't even get back to my site with the back button. So anyway, an hour or so of my blogging time today was taken up by tracking this down (all I came up with was the clear history/cache thing) and I didn't have that much time to begin with because of work.

But if I did have time to blog, I'd blog about the raid on Chalabi's house and UNSCAM and the fact that Bremmer is assigning a brand new accounting firm rather than continuing with the old one hired by the Iraq National Congress. I'd say that I wish I had a president where I could be confident that he wouldn't try to cover up a huge scandal in the UN to avoid embarrassing his political enemies. But I'd point out that he has a history that makes such a confidence impossible.

For example, there was the way the outgoing Clintonites vandalized the Whitehouse on their way out, and Bush not only didn't prosecute, he told his people not to say what happened. I'm one of those people who thinks that people working in the Whitehouse should not be given a pass on criminal or unethical activities just because they have powerful friends. In fact they should be held to a higher standard.

Then there was the fact that Bush was not the least bit interested in carrying on various bribery investigations against Clinton, either past investigations involving China or new investigations involving pardons, even though there was strong evidence of wrongdoing.

And don't forget that Bush did everything he could to honor and embrace Ted Kennedy, who's main claim to fame is that he committed manslaughter, destroyed evidence, and then used his political connections to avoid punishment, even though Kennedy never once reciprocated.

And of course, there was evidence of gross errors in the FBI and transportation department that contributed to the tragedy of 9/11, the death of thousands of Americans, and Bush never asked for a single resignation.

For that matter, the transportation department has responded to 9/11 by adding stupid and useless inconveniences for all airline passengers all in the name of political correctness and Bush still hasn't asked for a single resignation.

And it's been pretty clear that career bureaucrats at State and possibly in the CIA have actively worked at cross purposes with presidential policy, and there haven't been any requests for resignations on that either.

Bush has a history of softball politics. Not just softball, nurfball politics. He doesn't want anyone to get hurt. I think it is well within Bush business-as-usual to stand idly by while the Kofi Anan busily covers up all the dirt at the UN. I'm not sure it's beyond possibility that he would send soldiers to seize incriminating documents so that the documents could disappear into a huge Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark-style government warehouse. I'd like to believe that all this is impossible, but Bush doesn't have a track record to give one confidence in this matter.

Anyway, if I had time to blog today, that's probably what I'd blog about.

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