Saturday, May 08, 2004

a Democrat misstep

I think the crocodile tears being shed by Democrats and their media lackeys over the Abu Ghraib incident are going to backfire on them in a major way. They mean for it to hurt George Bush and worsen America's worldwide reputation, but it's going to do the reverse of both. For decades the leftist media have pounded away at the message that America is evil because of racism, mistreatment of prisoners, the death sentence, forcing the poor to pay all the taxes, human rights violations, etc. ad nauseum. This deluge of distortions is responsible for much of the negative image of the United States held in other countries. After all, if our own media, Democrat politicians, and celebrity citizens are horrified at the evil culture of the United States, then it must be truly horrible.

But now, the whole world is getting to see exactly what Americans are so horrified about and they are all going to go, "What, that's it?" Most of the people in the world live in regimes where such treatment of prisoners is routine, expected (if you don't bribe the guards), and entirely trivial. They're going to say "You mean you all get riled up about a little thing like that? You mean actual military personnel are going to be punished for abusing enemies of their country? You mean officers and even generals are going to be punished for the misbehavior of their men? You mean the secretary of defense is being humiliated over it? You mean the freaking president is apologizing and concerned about it? What's going on in that country?"

The world is going to be exposed to how America works in a way that they never have, and they are going end up feeling contempt for the shrieking, moaning breast beaters. The next time some actress talks about the horrors of injustice in America, they are going to think that she's naively over-reacting and doesn't have the faintest idea what injustice is. And they'll be right.

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