Sunday, May 16, 2004

don't bury me in Texas

As soon as you read that caption, didn't it make you think of a country song? That's what I though of the moment I heard a friend say those words in part of a weird story (not weird for that particular friend. Actually kind of tame for him. But weird for normal people). The story went something like this:
My wife told me she had bought us a couple of burial plots in Texas where she's from. I told her, "No, don't bury me in Texas, just donate by body to the University of Arizona medical school. They'll have med students dissect me for practice, and then they'll cremate the remains and give them back to you in a nice urn."
I was entranced. There was pure poetry in the prose. It was a country song struggling to be born. So I went home and wrote it up as lyrics. I invented a tune for it. I sang snatches of it endlessly to my various friends until they told me quite seriously to stop it immediately. It's rather a challenge to rhyme with "Texas", by the way.

Until today, I had the words written down but the melody was all in my head. Now the music is written as well, transcribed by a friend of mine. It doesn't sound quite the same on the piano as it did by voice. My friend assures me that this is because some of my notes are not available on a piano. Oh well, it's still very good if I do say so myself. It's a simple, beautiful, and vaguely haunting melody that wraps itself lovingly around the heart-rending plea of a dying man. And it's funny too.

I know you all are dying to hear it, so I'm going to get it recorded as soon as possible. If you don't have speakers on your PC, get some right away so that you don't miss the debut.

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