Wednesday, May 26, 2004

how to polish up your conservative credentials

There must be some congressmen and senators out there who are in a closely contested race and need more conservative backing. Here's how to get it: introduce a bill, under emergency procedures, to take 5 million dollars out of the UN contribution and instead send it to pay KPMG to complete their investigation of the Oil-for-Food scandal. I can guarantee at least one campaign donation for anyone who does this and makes it a serious effort.

KPMG, for those who don't know, is the accounting firm that was hired by the Iraqis to investigate the Oil-for-Food program. Bush has refused to pay them so they have stopped work. And in the near future, the funding will be in the hands of people appointed by the UN. This is a clear and cordial invitation to a cover-up from Bush to the UN.

The bill I propose would publicize this aiding-and-abetting of graft by the Bush administration and might embarrass Bush into doing the right thing. If not, maybe the bill could get passed and the right thing would get done anyway.

Here's another one. Introduce a bill that suspends all money to the UN until the UN reforms its accounting practices to be completely transparent. Require them to send letters to all people who do business with the UN. The letter should say that all UN business is transparent and UN business partners are expected to answer questions and provide copies of documents to any legitimate investigator.

What excuse does the UN have for hiding its transactions? And what possible ethical position could let them refuse to let their major funding source investigate whether they are spending money the way they are supposed to? For that matter, what possible ethical position could allow Congress to continue funding them without this transparency?

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