Sunday, May 16, 2004

somebody do something

From the BBC:
When Arab militias started attacking villages, the inhabitants sought refuge in Kailek, the biggest settlement in the area.
But the horseback militia surrounded the village, effectively holding 1,700 people hostage.

The UN report says that as food began to run out, residents were forced to start paying the militia to leave the village to look for supplies.

Women and girls were raped, children started to die.

The local authorities deny that they colluded in the siege.

But survivors tell a different story.

They are adamant that they saw Government forces working alongside the militia.
From the Daily Telegraph:
...refugees have poured out of the Darfur region of western Sudan, fleeing Arab militiamen mounted on horses and camels who are waging a campaign of ethnic cleansing against their black Muslim neighbours.

Many could only watch as members of their families were executed by the Janjaweed, as the militiamen are known. Most lost their possessions when their houses were burned down. All were exhausted after walking for days through the desert.


[The UN] is running an emergency relief programme for Darfur refugees but will not operate on the border, saying it is too dangerous.

Families have been waiting for up to two months, their lives at risk from shelling, cross-border militia raids and water shortages, to transfer to UN camps 20 miles into Chad.

Aid workers from other agencies have accused the UN of inefficiency and perhaps worse.

"What is going on here is very dark," said one western aid worker at a non-UN agency.

"Money seems to have disappeared. Who knows whether it has been stolen or whether it has just disappeared in the UN machine. The inefficiency is astounding."

Refugees cannot walk into the half-empty camps. Regulations demand that they must be turned away if they do.


Mr Abdat was nearly dead when he reached Tine. He had been forced to watch as Janjaweed militiamen took it in turns to rape his 27-year-old wife, Zahara, until she died. He was then whipped until the skin was virtually scourged from his back.
OK, I'm seriously, seriously angry, so if you don't want to read a rant, just skip the rest of this.

Where the hell are you, you hypocritical bastards in the press? Where are the photos to show America and the world what is going on down there? While you are enthusiastically printing photos of abuse by American and British troops (many of them obvious fakes) this actual tragedy is being ignored. While you piously explain that the actions of a few low-level soldiers, quickly corrected by the authorities, have damaged America's reputation, you let the UN's graft and their persistent, institutional callousness to the suffering of black Africans have no effect on theirs.

Where is the coverage? Where is the outrage? Where are the calls for resignations in the UN? Where are the damn photos? This is a true news story. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people are suffering and dying from the deliberate depredations of a sadistic militia. The government of Sudan is either helping, or condoning. The UN is doing nothing more than registering mild objections.

The militias attacked a UN refugee camp and the UN response is to take all of these starving, weakened, often sick people and move them to a new site that is temporarily safer. Look idiots. No place is going to be safe until you kill the bastards that are doing this. And you aren't going to kill them by writing letters. They are murderous savages who are destroying the peace. You are the world organization that is supposed to keep the peace. Or are you finding the refugee game too lucrative to want to upset it? Is that what's going on? These humanitarian crises lead to lots of money flowing through the UN, don't they? And it sure is easy to make some of that money disappear when no one but the UN is keeping track of it. You greedy, depraved, bastards are letting people suffer and die because it makes it easy for you to scam profits, aren't you?

And where are you, George Bush? Yes, I know you are in a fight for your presidency against the entire mainstream press. I know that if you lose the election, it will leave the United States in a dangerous world, commanded by a self-serving, arrogant, moral coward. That would be bad. But that's then and we will deal with it then. This is now and there are people suffering and dying, and you are the only person who can do something who actually cares about the suffering of other people.

Clearly the UN doesn't care. They only care about maintaining the status quo where they get to live lavish lifestyles and take graft while being acclaimed the great hope of the world. Clearly the American news media doesn't care. They only get riled up about atrocities (or minor abuse) when it can be used as a stick to beat a Republican president. Only you, Mr. President can bring this to America's attention.

Or will you wait until the mass starvation starts and then send food? That's too late, Mr. President. By then thousands of people will have been raped, brutalized, and killed. Something has to be done now.

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