Saturday, May 01, 2004


We've all seen Bush moving to the left on domestic policy, conspiring with the incumbents of both parties to spend our money to buy elections, endorsing RINOs over genuine conservatives in Republican primaries, letting political correctness trump the need for airline security, and refusing to hold anyone in government responsible for their failures, even when those failures cost thousands of American lives. He has betrayed his base over and over over. Yet I don't know how many times I've seen the people he betrayed saying things like "Yeah, he may be wrong on everything except the war on terror, but I'm going to vote for him based on that alone."

Now it looks like he's moving to the left there too, bowing to the relentless tsk tsking of the Europeans and the American left. If he is, he's betraying the American soldiers and the Iraqis who will die for his new tactics of appeasement. And although the left has been demanding it endlessly, they'll never give him a trace of credit for it. No matter what he does they'll bludgeon him for not appeasing enough or for appeasing too much or both. You would think he would learn by now that he can't do anything the left won't hate him for. Why does he keep trying?

I would really like to think I'm wrong about this, but it's looking worse and worse. What lessons have we learned this month? If you murder Americans and desecrate their bodies in a big street party, planning to lure American soldiers into a trap then the Americans will reward you by giving you a city to control. If you constantly preach violence against Americans, attack coalition troops, kidnap, torture, and assassinate pro-American Iraqis, then you get a city to control. If you support the Americans, or even just democracy, then you will get assassinated or kidnapped and tortured to death and the Americans will give the people who did it a city to control. It doesn't take a lot of thinking to decide what side to be on here, folks. If I were a pro-American Iraqi politician, I'd be backpedaling fast right now.

And the signs were so good. Elections and polls have been very promising, indicating a genuine chance at democracy. But now Bush is showing Iraqi opponents and the other Muslim extremists that violence works after all. You just have to be persistent. Thugs prosper. People who want peace and prosperity for the country get tortured and killed.

UPDATE: A more experienced analyst has persuaded me to rethink this and go back to having faith in what the marines are doing. For now at least.

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