Wednesday, May 12, 2004

who to blame?

This article on Jihad Unspun on the death of Michael Berg (the American hostage that was beheaded) reports that Berg's father is blaming the FBI for detaining him. According to the father, if the FBI hadn't detained him, he would have left the country earlier and not been captured. So Jihad Unspun asks us
Who is to blame for this tragedy, who the parent should blame, how the US Administration and the Senators would like to pacify Michael Berg? It is just unfortunate.
Well, I have a suggestion. How about we blame the murderous Jihadist psychopath who sawed a knife through the screaming man's neck? How about we hunt him down and kill him? How about we sentence him to death by being hooded and having his head cut off by a psychopath? How about we do the same to his four cowardly friends who all hid their faces? That's my suggestion.

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