Monday, June 28, 2004


Cluebat's father, William Meyer, was in a concentration camp in Germany during WWII. A reporter for the Decatur Daily Democrat is now publishing his story in installments. It's tough reading, but highly recommended. The Nazis sent a ten-year-old kid to a concentration camp for the crime of delivering travel documents to Corrie Ten Boom's book shop. The documents were intended for Jews that were trying to escape Germany.

I think it's worth remembering that the Nazis sent lots of Aryans to concentration camps where many died of starvation, exposure, and brutality. The left blames the Nazi horror on racism, but that's historically naive. Most people in history have been racist, and most of them didn't go around trying to exterminate other races. The evil aspect of Nazism is the same as the evil aspect of Spanish Inquisition, Stalinism, and today's Islamism. It is the evil of an ideology that places it's own corporate goals above the goal of simple humanity to individuals.

In the ancient world, such ideologies were not needed. Alexander and Genghis Kahn didn't need an excuse to exterminate entire cities. They had the bigger army and they wanted to rape, pillage and kill, so they did it. But Christianity has changed the formula. Almost everyone today, from the most extreme left to the most extreme Islamist, agrees, at least publicly, that the default is to treat all human beings as you would like to be treated. Today, you need a higher reason to brutalize other people, whether that reason is racial purity, social justice, or the Will of Allah.

Of course for some people the bar is lower than others. One of the things that is most shocking about the left is their phlegmatic attitude toward horrors committed by anyone who is seen as opposed to the US. From Stalin to Saddam. They are horrified by relatively (and I stress relatively) minor brutality committed by the US and it's allies, but oh-so-understanding and forgiving of the most heinous mass murders and genocides committed by the other side.

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