Monday, July 26, 2004

the Ann Coulter debacle

USA Today hired Ann Coulter to cover the Democrat convention and Michael Moore to cover the Republican convention. It's a cute idea. Unfortunately they spiked Coulter's first column. Predictably, USA Today is getting a lot of grief over this, but read the column before you pass judgment. I have to admit that it is over the top, even for Ann Coulter.

I love Ann Coulter's books and her weekly column. I would like to see political discourse in this country be a bit more civil, but I have to admit: I think she is so hilarious that I can't resist reading her stuff. And the truth is, she is no Michael Moore. Coulter is playful; Moore is nasty. Coulter is contentious; Moore is a hateful.

Still, this is the second time Coulter has gone over the top into Moore territory. The other one is the article she got fired from the National Review for.

In the article that got her fired, she was under the stress of the biggest terrorist attack in history. But she was also under pressure to write quickly. I wonder if that's the problem with both articles, that she needs a few days to rethink and tone-down her more egregious statements. When she doesn't get the time, her work sees to suffer. As far as I know, she has never had to produce more than once article a week, so she normally does have the time.

I tend to be like that when I'm upset. I'll write something and then put it away for a few hours and come back to read it later. I'm usually glad I didn't post or send it immediately.

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