Sunday, July 18, 2004

Back of the Envelope moves, more to follow

Donald Crankshaw has moved off of Blogger. Here's his new site. I wrote a post about the new site and about how I'd like to move too but that I procrastinate too much. Then I hit the "more" button on the blogger window to see if they had a spell checker and lost the entire post.

Blogger sucks.

The new Blogger interface sucks even more. I write my posts in an email program so that I can run a spell-checker, but the email program (which sucks too) adds all kinds of formatting I don't ask for and don't want. It used to be that when I copied the text into the Blogger window it lost all this stupid formatting. Now it keeps it. So now, to post a blog entry I have to start an email program, compose, start Notepad, copy the text to Notepad to get rid of the formatting, and then copy to the blogger window, and then make use the preview to make it look right in Blogger. The process is just too painful and it's going to eventually make me either move or give up blogging.

UPDATE: As I posted this, I found another bug in the new Blogger interface.

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