Tuesday, July 13, 2004

blues and bands

I just stopped by a small blues club near Fisherman's Warf. They leave the doors open so you can hear the music from outside as you walk by. I've always wanted to go in, but I've never been with someone who likes blues before. I love blues and R&B. Tonight my sister was visiting and she's usually up for anything so I got her to go with me.

I especially like blues harp (that's a harmonica) and the guy playing tonight was wailing. He shared the spotlight with the guitar. Blues guitar is good too, but it just doesn't have the soul of harmonica. Also, I don't play guitar.

The music selection could have been better. There were two vocalists, one (guitar) sang good songs and the other (keyboards) sang boring songs. But the band was terrific.

I was just thinking: you know, I've never gone into a club and found a band playing that wasn't terrific. Even small bars have great bands. I think this must be a consequence of the recording industry. I speculate that the easy access to recorded music has lowered the demand for live music to the point where only the very best bands can hope to play even semi-professionally.

Has anyone else ever run across a mediocre band playing professionally?

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