Sunday, July 04, 2004

cheap dates

When you are sitting in an empty room and find yourself laughing out loud, something was really funny. From Back of the Envelope

I figure I might reasonably expect to sell 10 copies of each part, which, after giving Amazon its cut, should be enough for dinner and a movie for myself and a date.
This sounds wrong to me and I start to do the calculation in my head. I'm even thinking I may have to send an email to Donald asking if he takes his dates to 7/11 for dinner. Then I see the next sentence:
Assuming my date pays her own way.
There was something about being caught in mid-calculation like that. If I'd been drinking soda it would have been a nose squirter.

I hope he gets enough readers to pay for the date too. Women may say they don't mind going dutch, but I've always suspected that's like a man saying he doesn't care about breast size. It's true when he says it, but if the woman ignores him and gets, uh, ehnanced, anyway, he'll probably really like it.

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