Wednesday, July 21, 2004

economic war

Omar at Iraq the Model reports that two new caches of weapons have been found. These new weapons have apparently been smuggled in during the occupation (rather than being leftovers from Saddam's military). Omar remarks on how expensive these weapons are.

One effective war strategy is for the side with a stronger economy to burden the economy of the other side by making both sides burn up wealth at a fast rate. This works to the benefit of the side with the most wealth. In WWII, the US responded to Germany's submarine warfare by mass producing cargo ships. Each time a submarine fired at a cargo ship there was a chance the submarine would be destroyed by defenders. The US simply made so many cargo ships that the Germans could not keep up with submarines. And the money the Germans spent on submarines did not go into bombers or landing craft for an invasion of England.

Something similar may be going on in Iraq today. The US has thrown down the gauntlet in the middle of the Middle East, virtually forcing the Islamists to respond. They are expending all of their resources --money, men, and organization-- on that front. Hopefully, it will leave them with fewer resources to attack us elsewhere.

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