Sunday, July 04, 2004

home-grown terrorists

FrontPageMag has a frightening article about the recruitment and training of American "peace activists" for the Palestinian cause. Right here in the San Francisco Bay area. The author actually attended a training session and has pictures of some of the people. Some choice bits

She offered to provide us with the names and numbers of leftists in Israel who would say they knew us.

“If the border guards become suspicious, an Israeli contact will be set up to lie and say you are visiting them,” Mary summarized.
When one of the trainees asked if we as ISM volunteers favored a two-state solution to secure peace, Brian Malovany, another senior trainer from Oakland who had just joined us explained, “The idea of a two-state solution is pretty much dead.” This was an interesting dismissal of all the peace plans ever proposed by the United Nations, the United States, or the official negotiating parties of the Palestinians themselves. “There can only be one state called Palestine,” explained Molvany echoing the line of Hamas and other terrorist organizations. “And the Right of Return is non-negotiable. If people ask you about a two-state solution just tell them it’s a human rights issue.
LaRudee also provided this whopper for “queer activists” who want to go on the Freedom Summer 2004 tour: “Palestinian society is as diverse in attitudes about gender and sexuality as is U.S. society.” In fact, over 100 homosexuals who had lived under the Palestine Authority recently took refuge in Israel for fear of being killed.

Apparently the ISM doesn’t care what they say as long as they get anyone over there to make trouble and risk their lives for the cause. Now I understood the recruitment of Meredith. To these radicals the strategy is to tie any cause, any idea, any gender, environmental or social issue to the destruction of Israel.
Isn't this stuff illegal? Plotting to commit crimes in a friendly foreign country? It should be a crime against humanity too, conspiring to aid terrorists who attack civilians. Think the World Court is a threat to these people? Noooo the World Court isn't going to be political, it's just going to catch bad people. Who ever would think all those Arab dictators with all that money would even try to influence a World Court? How cynical can you get?

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