Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Kraft scales back plan to trim portion sizes

From this article:
Kraft Foods Inc., Northfield, Ill., retreated from its earlier statement that it was putting a "cap on the portion size of single-serve packages." The company made this statement last August when it announced that it was creating a Worldwide Health & Wellness Advisory Council to evaluate the company's product lines and develop policies, standards and measures to respond to rising obesity rates.
I credit the blog world for its quick response to this travesty.

Count me as another customer who finds it presumptuous and offensive for a company that sells me food to form an advisory council to help me with my weight problem? Who asked 'em? Oh, yeah, a bunch of health-Mullah busybodies who want to pressure companies into coercing me to eat the way they think I should.

That's how these fascists work. They think they know how everyone else should live. If they can get enough voters to agree then they use democracy to control. Example: drug laws. If they can't get a majority, then they build coalitions and buy congressmen to get it enacted in spite of the voters. Example, air bag laws. If it is so unpopular that they can't get the laws passed, then they go to the courts to force everyone to do things their way. Example: smoking laws. If they can't get the courts to do it, then they try to pressure a supplier of some kind. Example: junk food.

I'd really like these fascists to bugger off and leave me alone.

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