Monday, July 26, 2004

Mother's Cookies Taffy

This is an unpaid, spontaneous endorsement, although if Mother's Cookies wants to pay me for it retroactively I will graciously accept.

Mother's Cookies Taffy are the best packaged cookies you can buy. In particular, they beat the heck out of the better-known Oreo. I won't compare them to the fresh-baked cookies you can buy at bakeries and convenience stores, but for packaged cookies that you can buy and throw on the shelf for a month, Mother's Cookies Taffy cannot be beat.

Not only do they taste great dry, they are perfect dunking cookies. They suck up the coffee or milk instantly, saving all that swishing and swirling time you need for less hydrophilic cookies.

I speak with considerable experience. I spent maybe six or seven years of my life sampling different pre-packaged snack foods every Friday which was games night for me and a group of friends. We scoured the store shelves for cheap, bulk, low-food-value comestibles and tried just about everything. The unanimous favorite was Mother's Cookies Taffy.

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