Thursday, July 01, 2004

oil for graft

Claudia Rosett (via Instapundit) is doing a great job of investigating the UN oil-for-food scandal. Her latest piece includes this paragraph:
Sevan did not reply to requests for his comments on this matter. Annan's office, asked to clarify if it was U.N. procedure to relay bribe allegations to Saddam before informing the Security Council, gave a pro forma response that the Secretariat is not commenting these days on anything that is "within the purview" of the oil-for-food investigation led by former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker.
I think it's interesting that several times now the UN has refused to cooperate with outside investigators on the grounds that there is an official UN investigation to cooperate with. It looks suspiciously like the whole purpose of the official investigation is to whitewash the investigation while giving cover against other investigations. I really hope Volcker doesn't cooperate, but the fact that Annan chose him suggests to me that Annan thought he could control Volcker. Time will tell.

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