Saturday, July 03, 2004

who are you?

I went through a short period of disappointment recently about the fact that my blog can't seem to get any traction. My readership tends to hover around 15 to 20 unique hits per day. And then I suddenly realized --there are around 15 to 20 people reading my site every day! That's pretty cool. I should be, and now that I think about it I am, thrilled to have that kind of readership.

My goals were completely off the wall. What did I expect, to become the next Instapundit? Or the next One Hand Clapping? Those guys and the other big bloggers are extremely talented writers. Most of them have areas of expertise that are interesting to lots of people. Me, I write about lots of things but I'm no expert on constitutional law or the military or religion or public policy.

I'm an expert on the design and implementation of programming languages. When I was at the top of my game I was a world-class expert in the design and implementation of programming languages. Anyone want to read about the design and implementation of programming languages? I didn't think so.

I also claim some knowledge of the philosophy of science and mathematics. Anyone want to read philosophy of science and mathematics? I didn't think so. (Although I'm still planning to post that argument that the idea of time travel is incoherent).

And I now realize what I didn't before, that my writing needs work. For example this post is very awkward. I felt like I had something important to say, but I just couldn't make it come out right. Part of that is because I was writing long after bedtime and my contacts were blurring up and my back was killing me so I rushed it. But still, I just couldn't make it come out right. The big name bloggers don't seem to have problems like that.

So, getting back to you 15 or 20 readers. Who the heck are you guys? I know maybe four or five. I know who the occasional commenters Zantar and Cliff are. La Shawn leaves nice notes occasionally. Donald Crankshaw mentions me on his blog once in a while. My mom claims to read my blog but I think she's, uh, dissembling.

So how come the rest of you never post a comment or drop me an email? How about a little feedback? Do you think I'm just doing this for my own entertainment? Well OK, I am just doing this for my own entertainment, but still.

Seriously, I don't want to impose on any one-time readers, but if you visit my site with any regularity, I'd really appreciate a note introducing yourself and telling me how you found my site. You can post a comment to this article or send me an email.

Some people have had trouble with my mangled email address. You have to click on the email address at the upper right-hand corner. That should bring up your email program, but it's sending an email to You have to click on the address in your email program and delete the "REMOVE." part. I do this to keep from getting spam.

I look forward to hearing from you.

UPDATE: I got several good replies. I had to edit one of them because the URL Tom Harrison gave was screwing up the commenting system. His slashdot journal is here. It's worth checking out, too.

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