Tuesday, August 10, 2004

al Sadr -- budding democrat

There's a good article in the Washington Times (from the Corner) detailing the ongoing civil war in Najaf between al Sadr and the Iraqi government. Al Sadr, an Iranian puppet, is quoted as saying, "Our demand is for the American occupation to get out of Iraq. We want an independent, democratic, free country."

Al Sadr is a cleric, a religious leader who was fighting to establish sharia law a few months ago. Now he wants democracy? Clearly, a man like al Sadr will say whatever he thinks will help him win. Now, he thinks that what will help him win is appealing to democrats.

This brings up an interesting question: is this because al Sadr sees an upwelling of sentiment for democracy in Iraq, or is this just an appeal to the American president's opposition in the US and Europe?

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