Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Donald Sensing quotes the following by Ralph Peters:
Honorable soldiers or sailors don't brag. They let their deeds speak for themselves. Some of the most off-putting words any veteran can utter are "I'm a war hero."

Real heroes (and I've been honored to know some) never portray their service in grandiose terms, telling TV cameras that they're reporting for duty. ...

... Bragging is for drunks at the end of the bar, not for real vets. And certainly not for anyone who wishes to trade on his service to become our commander-in-chief.
I've read comments like this several times from veterans. And although I'm not a veteran myself, I have to admit that I don't have a lot of respect for braggers of any type: athletes, academics, war heroes or anyone else. OK, you're a war hero. I once ate a two-pound T-bone in one sitting and then had desert. Top that.

Since I think my reaction is pretty typical, I wonder how it is possible that the Democrats ever nominated such a tedious, preening, egotistical blowhard as John Kerry. (Remember the Harley?) And I felt that way about him back when I believed his war stories.

But I have a Theory.

Recall that many Democrats (the Michael Moore wing of the party) think that the military consists of young men too poor and stupid to make it in the real world. Other Democrats (the Ted Ralls wing) think that the military consists of hate-filled racists thugs. What do the rest think? Well, now we have a clue.

The Michael Moorites and Ted Rallites didn't want Kerry. John Kerry was nominated by the Other Democrats --the Democrats who where were still largely in control of all their faculties. The Democrats who wanted a military guy to help them conceal all the anti-American wackos in the party. They wanted a manly soldier to run for them. Someone that would have the respect of all us independents who actually respect military service. So they nominated a tedious, preening, egotistical blowhard. That's who they thought we would admire. That's their idea of a respectable military man. Hmm.

I think if I were a retired or serving military person, I would be annoyed by this.

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