Tuesday, August 03, 2004

character assassination

Why would the Democratic party mobilize its massive character-assassination machinery against Colin McNickle just for having a spat with Teresa Heinz Kerry? And make no mistake, it has been mobilized. I spent about an hour writing a post on this and then discovered this post by Roscoe. He does a spectacular job of displaying Democrat hypocrisy on this issue. So go read that. And let me add the following bits:
A Kerry spokeswoman said the comments were a reflection of "sheer frustration aimed at a right-wing publication that has consistently and purposely misrepresented the facts in reporting on Teresa Heinz Kerry and her family."
I wonder, would this spokeswoman be as understanding if Laura Bush told off a reporter from the New York Times?

The attack started immediately with this:
Gov. Ed Rendell, who has also called for a reduction in negative attack ads, stepped forward to defend the comments while aides moved Heinz Kerry away.
"This is the same thing I have been talking about. Making politics so negative and vicious turns off voters, turns off young voters, hurts the whole process. That is all she was saying," Rendell said.
See, she calls others "un-American" because they, the others, are being rude. Then a reporter asks her to be more specific and she gets in the guys face. And then it's the reporter who is the one being negative and "turning off voters".

Are Democrats really unable to see the breathless hypocrisy in this?

So to get back to my original question: why are they going after McNickle like this? Is it just to keep in practice? Is it because they view Teresa as a liability and they want to frighten anyone away from criticizing her? Or is this just an instinctive, circle-the-wagons reaction to an enemy who gets in a good shot? I'm curious.

By the way, as soon as a reporter asked Teresa an awkward question, she asked him what paper he works for. Suspicious at a reporter who asks an awkward question. Can you imagine a Republican getting suspicious when a reporter asks a tough question? Apparently Teresa Heinz Kerry believes the press is mostly Democrat-controlled too.

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