Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Malkin's latest

Michelle Malkin is revealing some startling things about the Japanese internments of WWII. Things I've never heard before. Things that have apparently been covered up by leftist historians who don't want Americans to know the truth.

Did you know that before the US started interning Japanese Americans, there had already been an incident in which three Japanese Americans had aided Japan against the US in the war? A downed Japanese pilot from the attack at Pearl Harbor asked some Japanese Americans for help and they helped him. Apparently there were only three he asked, and all three helped. Three for three Japanese Americans --two of whom were born in the US-- were more loyal to Japan than to the US. The motivation for the internment becomes clearer doesn't it?

Did you know that half the internees were Europeans rather than Japanese? Did you know that when the Japanese received compensation and an apology decades later, the Europeans did not?

This is getting interesting enough that I may have to read Malkin's book.

You would think that after reading Ann Coulter's book Treason where she reveals how McCarthy has been slandered, I wouldn't be surprised to find another instance where I have been misled by revisionist history. But surprised I am.

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