Wednesday, August 04, 2004

new good guys

I've added four new blogs to my links. These are just random blogs that I've read over the last month or two and they impressed me for some reason.

The Public Enquiry Project by Adrian Spidle is a libertarian/Republican political blog. He went to MIT, served in Vietnam, and owns his own company.

Digitus, Finger & Co. is written by Neil Uchitel. I found his blog because he is hosting the Christian Carnival this week. Uchitel writes music and creates sound effects for commercials. He was born a Jew and converted to Christianity. Just like Paul.

Parableman by Jeremy Pierce is a news/commentary blog, and a good one. Jeremy is working toward his Ph.D. in philosophy. I have generic advice for people thinking about going for their Ph.D. DON'T DO IT. Just a bit of personal experience talking.

Roscoe's blog is written by Russell G. Petti a trial lawyer. NOW CALM DOWN EVERYONE. Roscoe's a good guy. Really. No, really. He writes some very good, in-depth analyses of news stories and media myths. He's a former marine aviator and former federal prosecutor.

I've pretty much decided to loosen up on my linking policy and link to good blogs when I see them. That's what everyone else seems to do, so why fight the tide? I'm not going to go hog-wild on it though and I expect it will always stay smaller than the average list.

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