Tuesday, August 31, 2004

time for Ralph to get tough

Well, the Democrats have gotten Nader off the ballet in two states. The Democrats who harped for two years on how everyone deserves a vote after Florida/2000, who got Torricelli illegally replaced on the ballet on the grounds that everyone deserves a chance to vote for their candidate, those Democrats, have denied the citizens of Pennsylvania and Missouri the opportunity to vote for Ralph Nader in 2004.

If I were Ralph Nader, I'd campaign for Bush in those states. I'd go around bashing the Democrats for being part of the Establishment who only want to remain in power. I'd ask everyone who is disappointed in the Democrat party this year (practically everyone) to vote for Bush in protest for their actions.

It would really send a message to the Democrats, and I think Nader is curmudgeon-enough to do it. (Serous curmudgeonlyness is one of the few things he and I have in common.)

Go Ralph!

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