Friday, August 27, 2004

two and a half new good guys

I got an inadvertent instalanche from my post on Atrios and the Swift Boat Vets. I almost didn't notice it because it was just in a paragraph where he mentioned Atrios and the name was a link to my post. I assumed it was a link to Atrios as I'm sure many other readers did.

I'm sure a lot of readers assumed the same thing and that's why I only got about a thousand hits out of it. That's small for an instalanche but it's fifty times my average daily traffic. Cool.

I met a couple of good bloggers through it:

Jerry from Milblog says he's going to link to me. I hadn't read his blog before, but it doesn't look like a straight military blog. Lots of personal and political stuff. I actually think I prefer blogs that do lots of different stuff.

Flying Space Monkey is cool because he not only writes funny posts, he also has a pseudo super-hero blog name so the blog fits well in my good guys/bad guys list. It's like a theme, see?

Roscoe's blog has been on my list for a couple of weeks but he never updated his blog. I was dissapointed. Then, in adding the new blogs, I noticed that I was linking to an archive post rather than his main page. Doh! I've updated the link to his blog and I'm calling him half a new good guy. Not because he's half good but because he was already a good guy and ... well, it's complicated.

You know, I was all set to write a post about how much Blogger has improved since my last post trashing it. And now, all day I've been waiting over a minute for each update. I've really got to move...

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