Friday, September 17, 2004

Atrios as news source

On Thursday at 1:31pm, 1:43pm, and 2:24pm, Atrios posted notes based on the fraudulent CBS memos. He never bothered to post updates when the authenticity was brought into dispute, even though he was aware of it by at least 3:39pm when he posted a cryptic note on the history of typewriters. This note showed some research --probably at least a half-hour worth. So it seems that he found out sometime around 3pm that there were serious questions about the authenticity of the notes and never bothered to update the relevant posts from the previous two hours to warn his readers that they may be getting wrong information.

In the typewriter post Atrios didn't tell his readers why the typewriters were important. If you were a leftist who knew about the problems with the memos and came to Atrios for help in backing up what you wanted to believe then he was there for you. But if you came to Atrios for news on what was going on in the world, he left you in the dark until Friday morning. And then you only find out what is going on if you follow a link in another cryptic and mysterious post about typewriters. Atrios readers that were interested in these new damning Bush memos but not typewriters had no warning that the memos might be fake until the afternoon, 24 hours after Atrios first found out there were serious questions about them.

So my question is, who benefits by Atrious keeping his readers ignorant? Not his readers, surely.

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