Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Atrios joins the conspiracy crowd

Atrios reminds us of another evil Bush conspiracy. this article is based on the theories of "retired F.B.I chief Ted L. Gunderson". The story involves high-level Republicans flying fifteen-year-old boys around the country to be sodomized by various bigwigs.

It so happens that I've heard retired F.B.I chief Ted L. Gunderson speak in person at a 9/11 conspiracy convention. It was quite an experience. In the midst of a large number of whacked conspiracy theorists, Mr. Gunderson was a well-known hero. He was only visiting the convention, but was pressed into giving a lengthy adhoc presentation to great excitement and applause.

I'd never heard of him before, but I'm not likely to forget him soon. A distinguished, gentle-looking man, he started out mildly describing his work on a sad murder case. He was actually quite believable until he started talking about the world-wide Satanic conspiracy against which he was fighting. Yowza.

Mr. Gunderson alleges that the world is controlled by a vast Satanic conspiracy of political leaders and financial leaders (read "Jews"). Both major parties are controlled by this conspiracy. Like Anthony J. Hilder, Gunderson believes that just about all the more outrageous murders and child rapes that have happened over the last couple of centuries are tied to this conspiracy either as Satanic rituals or enforcement (or, presumably, both).

Gunderson described two incidents where he saw someone parked outside his house and threatened and bullied them until he frightened them off. Gunderson assumed they were spying on him or trying to intimidate him as part of the global Satanic conspiracy to shut him up.

In this this letter to John Ashcroft, Gunderson alleges that the FBI not only knew about the first World Trade Center bombing, they supplied materials for the bomb, and that the intelligence services knew about 9/11 in advance.

Mr. Gunderson is the Godfather of whacko conspiracy theorists. And Atrios is linking to his theories. Methinks the Democrats are getting desperate.

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