Monday, September 27, 2004


Back of the Envelope notes a temporal anomaly in the blog world. I wonder if this could be a delayed consequence of Space Monkey's reckless destabilization of the blogosphere.

Could this be the cause of all the double posts and double comments you see in the blogosphere? Yes, most of them predate the destabilization so I never connected them before. But if the destabilization led to a temporal anomaly, then it could have effects that precede the cause. This is all well-known Trekian physics.

And should this be called the temporal blogomaly? OK, I kind of regret asking that.

How about a blogeral anomaly? No, have to get the time root in there.

How about a tempoblogaral anomblogoly? Sorry 'bout that.

How about a four-dimensional blogiversal dislocation?

UPDATE: I had the wrong link for SpaceMonkey. Fixed.

Hey, I got a monkeylanche (I just wanted to be the first to say that).

This story, by the way, is a prime example of the power of the blogosphere that Glenn Reynolds and others are always talking about. Here's the sequence of events:
Glenn Reynolds goofs, a rare but inevitable circumstance.

Instantly, Donald Crankshaw, one of his thousands of readers, spots the goof and offers a plausible explanation.

Doc Rampage (that's me) reads Donald's post and makes all sorts of connections that he (meaning me) was uniquely qualified to make, being a regular reader of both Back of the Envelope and Flying SpaceMonkey (and really, how many of us can there be?).

Then the story, as all really big stories do, wanders off into irrelevancy as SpaceMonkey spews out some ridiculously implausible theory about other countries not following the American lead in date formats.
Regardless of the silliness that occurred after my contribution, the blogosphere worked.

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