Monday, September 06, 2004

Bush as sinner

The sleaze attack has begun. is reporting that Bush had an illegal abortion thirty five years ago. The depressing thing is that the left thinks anyone will vote against Bush over it. The left doesn't care about an ancient medical procedure of course, but they think Bush's pro-life supporters will.

How little they understand of redemption and forgiveness. It's sad really. Two thousand years ago God came to earth to teach us that we have all sinned and that he wanted to forgive us. He didn't go to the religious leaders; he went to the sinners. After all, what need do the perfect have for redemption?

George Bush was a sinner. He still is. We all are. It isn't our place to judge. thinks this story is significant because Bush is pro-life. Bush regards abortion as murder. Bush has worked for pro-life laws and judges. I suppose think that if a man has ever stolen money he can't be for laws against theft. The pseudo-reasoning boggles the mind.

Someone on Atrios comments on this story
I'll tell you what! 4 million evangelicals are being coveted by Karl. This is the group who believe God is speaking through Bush. He is the chosen one. I really think that they may all have brain hemorrhages when they hear the " young God" may have partaken in an ABORTION!!!!!!!
They just don't get it.

There is a lot of enthusiasm on the leftists groups for Susan Estritch's declaration of all-out war against Bush. From the same Atrios post:
The gloves are off and I hope that this story gets spread and then I want to see another right on this one's heels. And then I want Rummy to resign in disgrace, get mad and decide to get even.

I want to see the Repugs bleeding, profusely.

I would recommend that anybody supporting Kerry email this article to all Kerry supporters that you know and encourage them to further circulate this story. I have received several emails that the Far Right is circulating that slander Kerry. We can't win by the old rules anymore. Everything must be on the table.

The true patriot would be the person who comes forward now to provide evidence Bush still drinks.

President Kerry can later give that man or woman the Congressional Medal of Honor for outstanding service to the nation.

Just googled Jim Bath, the abortion fixer - yup, the SAME Bush bud who got grounded at the SAME time for missing his flight physical - this was what, a couple of months after the USAF started mandatory drug-testing? Hmmmmmmmmm.....

I am all for getting tough in the election, but this is too ugly. Way too ugly.

This is the tip of the iceberg, Ced.

Get used to it. We're playing by their rules now.

Where is Larry Flynt these days? We could use his kind of journalism a bit these days.
Like Estritch, they say that Bush asked for it (for unspecified or speculative wrongs he did against Kerry). But the truth is, these very same people have been making horrendous accusations against Bush for over a year now. The abortion story and drunk-driving story and former-alcoholic story haven't stayed in the closet because the Democrats were too nice. Those stories stayed in the closet because they are a desperate gamble.

The Democrats are going to hit the stories now because they have decided that a desperate gamble is necessary.

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