Monday, September 13, 2004

Clinton's heart surgery

OK, I know I'm skirting the tinfoil-hat area, but I wonder how much the timing of Clinton's surgery was planned with the election in mind. First of all, it's hard to imagine that the president or even a former president could have gotten 90% blockage arterial blockage with no warning. Second, many people have speculated that Clinton finagled to get a really bad candidate on the ticket this year to make a dismal showing so that Hillary would benefit.

Third, if he suspected that the Kerry campaign was going to be a miserable failure, he would have wanted a good excuse to stay out of the campaign during it's waning months --a time he would expect the Dems to beg him for help in bailing them out. The surgery gives him an unimpeachable (pun intended) excuse to avoid campaigning for Kerry and getting part of the blame for the loss. This stays a strictly non-Clinton campaign. Next year, Hillary comes into the race lily-white.

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