Wednesday, September 29, 2004

the debate gets ugly (or at least I'm trying to take it that way)

Back of the Envelope writes:
Doc Rampage offers a theory on what caused the problems at Instapundit, while spacemonkey has a simpler explanation.
Simpler? Simpler?! You call that far-fetched speculation about how Europeans don't use the correct date format (i.e.: the one used in the US) simpler?

And Space Monkey's theory has no explanatory power. My theory explains not only this particular instance of temporal dislocation, but also the thousands of others that occur in the blogosphere.

My explanation even mentions Star Trek. SpaceMonkey completely ignores that aspect. How can you discuss temporal anomalies without even mentioning Star Trek? It boggles the mind.

(By the way, I tried to get Will Wheaton to comment, but he ignored me. I'm currently planning to take the high road on this and not write a scathing post about how much I hate Wesley, but that decision is subject to change, based on how my day goes.)

Oh, and can someone explain why about every other time that I try to write "/blockquote" it comes out "/blockqoute"? It's really annoying.

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