Tuesday, September 07, 2004

good haters

I missed this post by Soxblog when it first came out, but it's worth posting now:
For whatever reason, modern liberalism has attracted an unusual amount of good haters. Think about it: The politically active baby boomers in the late ‘60s developed a virulent hatred not just for their government but for the young men who served in the military. Although it’s an inconvenient fact that 21st century liberalism is desperately trying to lock in the attic, the treatment of the troops returning from Vietnam was a national disgrace. Who was it that called the honorably serving troops “baby killers” and literally spat on them as they returned from their tours of duty? The haters on the left.

The left has managed to hate every political foe that it has faced over the past 35 years. Nixon was despised; so was Reagan. Another fact that the modern left is scrambling to forget: Reagan was the subject of intense opprobrium because the left was convinced he wanted to blow up the world and had a callous indifference to the poor.

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