Friday, September 24, 2004

good news on the Bush TANG story

I was worried that after several members of the left main stream media were disgraced for going with those fake memos, the Dems would be properly ashamed and would let the subject die quietly.

How silly is it to expect propriety from the Dems? I feel like an idiot. And I'm greatly encouraged to see a random commenter on another blog promoting this article. The article carries on the crusade campaign to convict Bush on some trivial technicalities for being an irresponsible young man. Even the media is coming back full-bore into the fight against shadows.

Whew! We dodged a bullet on that one! If it were possible to shame the left into behaving like responsible adults, this would surely have done it. But of course, the left is shameless, and they will continue to launch dumb attacks on things no one cares about, leaving the Republicans as effectively the only party running campaign ads. The Dems are going to get slaughtered. And not just in the presidency either, this election is going to be just as much of a Democrat shocker as the 2002 elections were.

I'm reminded again: you can always count on the Democrats to act like Democrats.

Tom Harrison shames me a bit in the comments because he reminds me that some Democrats are honorable people. In fact I believe the large majority of members of the Democratic party are honorable people. I tend to use the word "Democrat" to refer to the currently prominent Democrats: the political leaders, the big funders, the various rabble-rousers you see on sites like Atrios and the DU. It's a poor term for an ill-defined category. I should write more carefully.

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