Thursday, September 23, 2004

the governator and the redskins

Governator Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill that would force California schools to stop using "Redskins" as a team name. Political Correctness takes a well-deserved slap. From the Contra Costa Times:
In a message accompanying his veto, Schwarzenegger said local school districts should make their own choices and that the bill "takes more focus away from getting kids to learn at the highest levels."

Donna White, superintendent of Chowchilla Union High School District in Madera County, said school officials were "extremely excited. It will allow the community and the school to keep something they hold in the highest esteem."

"We've got 80 years of support and tradition and it paid off," said Bill Ingram, band director at Tulare Union High School in Tulare County. "We have definitely sent the e-mails and faxes over the last few months."
I'm glad the school administration was fighting for the name and not just letting the state take the hot potato for them.

Jackie Goldberg, the legislator who introduced the measure is a real gem:
"Well, if local control was the issue in civil rights, we'd still have slavery in the South, wouldn't we?" she said. "In this case he chose to treat it as a non-civil rights issue, which disappoints me. He knows better than that."

"It's a matter of record that the word is listed in most dictionaries as a derogatory reference to Native Americans," Goldberg said.
So this woman thinks team names are a matter of civil rights. As in, Jewish women have a civil right not to be disturbed by hearing references to other races, I guess.

I looked up the name in four on-line dictionaries. Two said it was offensive and two didn't. Considering the overwhelming PC-ness of the academic community and the publishing industry, this is a striking evidence that it isn't offensive.

One of the dictionaries that thought it was offensive also listed "Injun" as offensive. If you take this seriously, you will believe that the word "Indian", spelled to reflect a certain dialect, is offensive. I guess some people (probably those racist cowboys) can't discuss Indians at all without being offensive.

Ms. Goldberg is also a paragon of honor:
Although she told colleagues last month it was her "last time" bringing up the issue, Goldberg said Tuesday that was based on the assumption Schwarzenegger would sign it.

Now, to paraphrase an old Schwarzenegger movie line, Goldberg said she'll be back.
Well, I told the bank I would repay that car loan, but that was on the assumption that I would win the lottery. Now I won't be back to repay the loan. Sucks to be them.

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