Thursday, September 30, 2004

how Republicans can draft a Democrat issue

Protein Wisdom comments on the CBS coverage of the draft issue. Pretty damning stuff. And INDC has some revealing interviews with the perps.

Let's say you run a news organization and you receive an email that is trying to influence a presidential election by lying to people about an important issue. You notice that this email is getting a lot of play and may actually be influencing people. Your job as a journalist is to
A. Examine the claims of the email and show your viewers where they are lies and distortions.

B. Present a show about the email, giving quotes by frightened people who believe it, make sure lots more people hear the false allegations, and never actually point out that it is false.
For CBS the answer is B.

But, this is a great opportunity for the Republicans. They have two things they can do that will completely turn this issue around and turn it into a plus for their side. First, in the debate tonight, Bush can mention the "fears of a draft" and propose the total elimination of the Selective Service Commission. Let's face it, it's a worthless agency that was established in the 80's so that Republicans could force some Democrats to vote against "national defense". It has served it's purpose and it should go.

Second, both houses of Congress should schedule votes on the bills that Democrats have introduced to restart the draft. Let America know where each party really stands on the issue. Now that CBS has made this an issue, they could hardly avoid reporting the voting on the bill. Well, they could, but it would be just another nail in the coffin of their claims of objectivity.

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