Thursday, September 30, 2004

I'm an old-fashioned guy II

When I got to the office this morning, there were no caffeinated beverages left, so I had to make my own coffee. I decided to try overcoming my technophobia and use that new-fangled hot-water thingie. I must admit that it was very convenient: the water was already hot and all I had to do was pour it.

But I miss the soothing buzz of the microwave. You know that sound that says, "just a minute, I'm working on it." And I miss that friendly ding at the end: "Ding! I'm done! I'm done! Oh, boy! Food! Come and get it!" Pots don't talk. Not like microwaves.

And I think there is a tendency for modern people to get lazy and lose important skills when technology makes things too easy for them. With microwaves, you have to know how long to cook it. That requires some important memory skills. You have to know how to program complex devices. With the new heating pot, you just push one button and it takes care of all the complex issues for you. It takes away too much of the challenge of cooking.

So, although I'm glad I tried the new equipment, I think I'm going to stick with the old tried-and-true microwave. It keeps me close to my roots. It makes me a part of the great pageant of microwave-using history down through the ages. And I like the ding.

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