Tuesday, September 14, 2004

kos writes:
Weve lost this war. We've literally lost entire swaths of Iraqi territory to the insurgents. We've empowered Al Qaida and Islamist militants with new recruits and pictures of prison torture and rape to fuel their cause. We''ve stretched our military thin, hurt recruitment, made it impossible to respond to actual threats.

In short, this is the biggest political and military blunder this country has faced since -- I'll let the historians decide when. But as things are going, this is going to have worse repercussions for our nation than Vietnam ever did.
Uh, Kos? I hate to have to point it out, but the pictures of prison mistreatment (not torture or rape) weren't a "blunder", they were a deliberate attack on American troops and security by American news media. The purpose of broadcasting those pictures was to rile up the Middle East, get American soldiers killed, and help the Democrats win the next election. That's not a blunder, it's a deliberate strategy.

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