Sunday, September 05, 2004

no, Terry, thank YOU

Public Enquiry Project:
This fatal error of Terry McCaullife will usher in an era of GOP political domination unmatched since the decades long domination of the FDR Democrats.
He may be right. Terry McCaullife has had a disastrous reign as head of the DNC. It was arguably his shortened primary season that made the disaster of John Kerry possible.

As the Belmont Club put it
The Democrats could have chosen to become a real anti-war party, in which case it would have nominated Howard Dean or it could have elected to become a genuine war party and chosen Joseph Lieberman. Instead it chose to become the worst of all combinations, an anti-war party masquerading as the war party.
The press was all excited about Howard Dean until someone clued them in that he was unelectable. Maybe it was the National Review*, but I suspect it was Terry McCaullife. Wherever they got the idea, the press swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. They turned on Dean with a vengeance.

Since they decided the country wouldn't go for an anti-war president, the national press went looking for someone who could pretend to be a war president. Enter John F. Kerry, War Hero. Make that John F. Kerry, War Hero (war protester, shhh).

John Kerry was a man with the credentials of a trustworthy defender and a trustworthy internationalist. The rubes would think he was a patriot but the faithful would know he distrusted American strength and hegemony as much as they did. A perfect candidate. Except that because of the shortened primary season they didn't have time to find out how good a candidate he really was. And he sucks.

I don't think there's much doubt that the press picked the Democrat nominee this year. They saw that the peons were about to make a mistake that would keep the Evil Republicans in the Whitehouse for four more years and they set out to fix Howard Dean. That's part of the reason they have been willing to gamble all of their credibility to help get Kerry elected: they have already gambled all of their credibility with the Democratic party by convincing the Democrats to nominate him. If even the Democrats no longer trust them, what will they have left?

So, when the Democrats lose this election as badly as I predict they will, you can thank the press and Terry McCaullife. I know I will.

* National Review had a famous cover with a picture of Howard Dean and the caption "Please elect this man". I spent half an hour searching for a picture of the cover but couldn't find it. NR still doesn't have the Internet thing entirely down.

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